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Canadian canoeing on Loch Morlich, East Highland Area

The Access Code says:

Where appropriate, work with your local authority and/or recreation groups to identify suitable parking and launching sites. Where intensive recreational use causes safety, operational or environmental concerns you could work with your local authority and/or recreation groups to determine what management measures might be needed. Wherever possible, if a club or group of users wishes to have a motorised rescue boat present for safety reasons give permission for this.


Further guidance:

  • This booklet is a useful read for everyone using Scotland's waters: Using inland water responsibly; guidance for all water users. This detail from pages 27 and 28 shows two simple hand signals for fishermen and kayakers which greatly reduce conflict on the water. The booklet also covers topics such as rights of navigation, informal camping (as part of a paddling or angling trip), considerations for large groups or popular areas, local agreements and conservation issues.
  • For anglers, these pages of Fish pal provide more information about permissions and licenses for fishing in Scotland.