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Walkers boots and wellies on a gravel path at Taynish NNR, Argyll

There is no specific guidance for land managers about walking in the Practical Guide section (Part 5) of the Scottish Outdoor Access Code. This is because most of this information is provided in other parts of the Code, including Part 4: 'Managing land and water responsibly for access'. In brief, the general principles of responsible land management apply:

  • respect access rights in managing your land;
  • act reasonably when asking people to avoid land management operations;
  • work with your local authority and other bodies to help integrate access and land management, and;
  • take account of access rights if you manage 'contiguous land' (places where access rights don't apply, but which may be important for access to neighbouring land).


Further information

The Scottish Government and public bodies are working hard to encourage everyone to become more active. This can greatly improve people's health and well-being (helping to combat problems such as obesity), and bring economic benefits. It can also help to reconnect people with nature and the land, and to promote greater understanding of land management. Your help and support can play an important role in meeting these aims.