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Tullybaccart Farm in the Sidlaw hills near Dundee.

The Access Code says:

Although access rights do not extend to farmyards, many people take access through farmyards when following paths and tracks.

In practice:

  • if a right of way or core path goes through a farmyard, you can follow this at any time
  • if a reasonable, passable alternative route is signposted around the farmyard and buildings, then you should follow this.

In the absence of a right of way, core path or reasonable, signposted route around the farmyard and buildings, you:

  • might be able to go through the farmyard if the farmer is content or if access has been taken on a customary basis in the past; or you
  • could exercise your access rights to go around the farmyard and buildings.

If you do go through a farmyard, proceed safely and carefully, watch out for machinery or livestock, and respect the privacy of those living on the farm.