Guidance - Good practice during Wind Farm construction

The Scottish Government and its agencies support the development of renewable
energy, including wind farms, as a key means of tackling climate change.

Considerable experience has been gained from the construction and operation of
wind farms across Scotland with an installed capacity totalling over 7500
Megawatts. The purpose of this guidance is to share that experience amongst the
industry, planning authorities, key agencies and those more broadly involved in
the planning and development of wind farms. It is focused on pollution prevention,
protection of the environment and natural resources, hydrology and archaeology
related issues and the adoption of biosecurity protocols, including the control of
invasive and non-native species.

This guidance is aimed at:

  • Wind farm developers
  • Construction companies and contractors working on wind farm sites
  • Consultants and advisers supporting the wind farm industry
  • Planning officers working on wind farm applications
  • Statutory consultees and Key Agencies,
  • Clerks of Works

4th Edition

Pages: 83
Published: 2019

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