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Scottish Outdoor Access Code leaflet for Dog owners

Scottish Outdoor Access Code leaflet for Dog owners

This leaflet featuring Jess the dog helps explain what the Scottish Outdoor Access Code means for you and your dog.

Dog waste and disease poster

Dog waste and disease poster

Important information for dog walkers to help reduce the risk of the spread of the diseases Neosporosis and Sarcocystosis in livestock from dog waste.

Dog passport with farm messages

Dog passport with farm messages

Print out this little passport, fill in the details and keep it in your wallet. Add a photo of your dog and use it to record important information about your dog in case it gets lost. A great way to strike up conversations with dog walkers.

Equestrian Access in Scotland: Horse riding, carriage driving and managing land responsibly

A collaborative document by the British Horse Society Scotland, Scottish Rural Property & Business Association and Scottish Natural Heritage looking at equestrian access and the Scottish Outdoor Access Code. 11 pages.

Front page of document

Integrating Access Case Study - Bailliefurth Farm

This case study addresses access issues common to many livestock farms by use of simple but effective signs and creation of an alternative path avoiding the steading.

Front page of advice document

Cattle and public access in Scotland - Advice for farmers, landowners and other livestock keepers

This sheet describes the major hazards to members of the public associated with keeping cattle, including bulls (uncastrated bovine animals of 10 months or over) and newly calved cows, where the public have access to land in Scotland. It suggests reasonably practicable ways of controlling those hazards for walkers. Land managers should also consider risks to other users of public access routes, such as horse riders and cyclists.

Lambing sign template

Sign template - Lambing

Print out this sign template, write on your details and laminate ready for use.

Young livestock sign template

Sign template - Young livestock

Print out this sign template, write on your details and laminate ready for use.

Opening page of DIY sign builder

DIY sign builder

This link provides standardised layouts for signs. Simply insert the information relevant to your circumstances, print out and laminate for use. Quick and easy!

Still from TV advert showing mountain biker and horse rider meeting at traffic lights

TV advert 2

TV Advert 2 shows the following scenarios:

  • Family and geese
  • Mountain biker and horse rider
  • Youths with wall and gate
  • Dog walker and sheep