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Countryside Calendar - November

Watch out for farm vehicles - taking feed to cattle indoors and working the land for planting next year's crops. 

Countryside Calendar - December

Countryside Calendar - December

December is a transition period where many fields are being prepared for the following year. There's lots going on still in the countryside this month and you can find out more by reading this month's Countryside Calendar.

Enjoy Scotland's Outdoors (poster version)

This leaflet gives a short general summary of the Scottish Outdoor Access Code, with an A3 size poster on the inside pages. The poster gives key information on the following topics:

Countryside Calendar - October

Countryside Calendar - October

Find out what to expect in the countryside when you're out and about in October, particularly with relation to livestock, crops and conservation.

British Horse Society - Look at it from my point of view!

Why do horses run? and why do dogs chase?  British Horse Society information leaflet on how to avoid such situations.

Do the Ride Thing - A brief guide to responsible mountain biking in Scotland


In Scotland, mountain bikers have great access to the outdoors: from fantastic paths and trails close to home, to trail centres and into the wider countryside and wilderness. This leaflet aims to help you understand the essentials of responsible mountain biking and other off road cycling.

Wild camping - A guide to good practice - MCofS

Wild camping - A guide to good practice - MCofS

An information leaflet produced by the Mountaineering Council of Scotland.

National Access Forum - Agenda - 28 September 2016

Meeting Agenda - 28 September 2016

National Access Forum - Paper: Nomination and Election of Convenor of the National Access Forum 2017-2018

Nomination and Election of Convenor of the National Access Forum 2017-2018

National Access Forum - Paper: Core Paths and the Ordnance Survey - Business Case - Ramblers Society - August 2016

Paper on Core Paths and the Ordance Survey - Business Case - Ramblers Society - dated August 2016.