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Countryside calendar - May

Countryside Calendar - May

The Countryside calendar for May gives a brief insight into what work farmers are doing at this busy time of year. Topics include livestock, crops and conservation. It's useful info for anyone out and about in the outdoors to be aware of, it's good to be prepared for seasonal changes that might affect your route. It's also a useful resource for teachers, schools and group leaders.

First page of Countryside calendar for July including photo of nest of eggs on the ground

Countryside Calendar - July

In July watch out where you're walking in the countryside. It's also the start of the stag stalking season, find out more in the July Countryside Calendar.

Countryside Calendar - June

In June watch out for livestock and young animals in the fields.  Farm vehicles are busy working on the land.  Read more ...

Enjoy Scotland's Outdoors (poster version)

This leaflet gives a short general summary of the Scottish Outdoor Access Code, with an A3 size poster on the inside pages. The poster gives key information on the following topics: