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Managing access with dogs in protected areas to safeguard breeding birds

This guidance has been developed for protected area managers and access officers, and is intended to help integrate access with dogs with safeguarding protected breeding birds. Its primary focus is on nature reserves and other designated sites, but similar management needs may arise in some sensitive areas in the wider countryside. Many of these approaches are also relevant to wintering birds. 11 pages. Published 2013.

Planning for public access on golf courses - quick guide to access rights and responsibilities

A summary of access rights and responsibilities for the general public and land managers on golf courses.

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Quick guide to access rights and responsibilities over golf courses - Case studies

This is for golf course managers, green keepers and committee members to explore some case studies relating to the ways other golf courses have dealt with issues arising from public outdoor access rights and responsibilities. These six case studies may help you identify opportunities for better management of access on golf courses near you.

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A technical guide to the design and construction of lowland recreation routes

This handbook provides practical advice on the construction of recreation routes on low ground in the countryside, The term recreation routes is used because these paths are not just for walking, but also for off road cycling and riding where this is feasible.

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Upland Path Management: Standards for delivering path projects in Scotland's mountains

UPAG publications: This manual covers the process for developing an upland path proposal, through project delivery to closure and aftercare. It has been designed for use by all involved in upland path management. Although designed for management in the uplands, many of the principles also apply to lowland paths.

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Upland Pathwork: Construction standards for Scotland

UPAG publications: This manual provides guidance on pathwork techniques and how the basic principles of upland path management should be used. It has been designed for all those involved in upland pathwork with the overall aim of achieving high quality management and the sustainable use of upland paths, and in so doing to protect the exceptional scenic quality of the Scottish mountains.

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Path Benefits Toolkit

The Path Benefits Toolkit is designed as a resource to enable you to find out about Economic, Social and Environmental Benefits of path networks. It provides practical guidance on what data you need to collect and how to organise the collection of responses from users of the path network. Tools have also been provided to make analysis of your data as easy as possible.

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Creating a path network - A guide to local action

This booklet by Paths for all provides information and guidance that they hope will encourage more local action for paths. 35 pages.

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Car Parks in the Countryside: A practical guide to planning, design and construction

A guide to the planning, design, construction and management of small rural car parks in Scotland. Ideal for site managers, land owners, local authorities, funding agencies and local communities. Published 2000