Taking the Lead - Managing access with dogs to reduce impacts on land management

Dog walking is one of the main reasons why many people visit the outdoors. Research shows that about 48% of all visits made by adults to the Scottish countryside also involve a dog.

Dog walking can add to people’s enjoyment of the outdoors and to their wider appreciation of nature and landscapes. It can also boost both physical and mental health and well-being.

But issues to do with the proper control of dogs are among the problems most often cited by land managers. Dealing with dog-related access issues can also be time consuming for access authorities.

This guidance for land managers and access officers sets out:

  • dog walkers’ rights and responsibilities
  • local approaches to encourage responsible dog walking
  • management options for dog fouling, sheep worrying, and other disturbance by dogs

Its overall aim is to support both responsible access by dog walkers and responsible management by landowners.

Pages: 51
Published: 2015

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