Keeping it under review

Existing criminal offences - access rights of course do not extend to any criminal offences, and the Code provides a listing of the main categories of criminal behavior, for general information.

Other relevant legislation - there is a range of other legislation which can be relevant for outdoor access, such as the planning system, roads legislation or various byelaw powers.  The link to the NatureScot 'Brief Guide to Laws' provides outline information on these related areas.

Keeping the Access Code under review - NatureScot has a duty to keep the Scottish Outdoor Access Code under review.  We need to know if there are any issues relating to the operation of the legislation and Access Code.  We need to record a minimum of information about your issue and experiences.

Please complete the Scottish Outdoor Access review form and send it to your local NatureScot office to highlight issues for consideration in any future review of the Access Code.  Individual incidents or problems at specific locations won't be resolved by completing this form and these should be reported to the local or national park authority.

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