Air Sports

Find out how the Access Code applies to activities such as hang gliding and paragliding.

Responsible behaviour by the public

The Access Code says:

Access rights are exercisable above the surface of the land and so extend to non-motorised air sports, such as paragliding. By their very nature, many of these activities require the use of hilltops and escarpments.

Maintain good liaison with relevant land managers at well-used launching and landing points. Take care not to alarm wildlife or farm animals and avoid damaging crops. If you wish to set up a landing point, such as for an event, contact the relevant land manager(s).

Other information:

If you are kite surfing, follow any local advice about wildlife and minimise disturbance to birds and animals.

Responsible behaviour by land managers

The Access Code says:

If you are responsible for a hilltop, escarpment or other well-used launching or landing point, you could work with your local authority and relevant recreation bodies to ensure that any disturbance or damage by air sports is minimized.

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