Outdoor learning

Information about visits to the outdoors organised by teachers or outdoor educators.

Responsible behaviour by teachers and outdoor educators

Remember that your presence as a group can have an impact according to the size of the group, where you are, the time of year and potentially even the weather on the day of the visit. In deciding your route and the size of your group, think about the needs of land managers and other people who are enjoying the outdoors. Take particular care in parking vehicles so that they do not block gates or entrances to buildings.

If you are responsible for organising an educational visit to a farm or estate for a specific purpose, such as learning about how a farm or estate works, or to see a particular attraction (such as an important wildlife site), make sure that you are fully aware of any operational requirements, sensitive areas or potential hazards. Contact the relevant land manager(s) in advance and follow their advice on what precautions you might need to take in relation to land management operations.

Remember to follow any other parts of the Access Code which relate to the activity or activities that your class is undertaking.

Responsible behaviour by land managers

If you are contacted by a teacher about a school group, reply positively. If your consent is required for any activity that the group is undertaking, you are encouraged to give this if your concerns or those of others can be properly addressed.

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