Information about access through farmyards on paths and tracks.

Responsible behaviour by the public

The Access Code says:

Although access rights do not extend to farmyards, many people take access through farmyards when following paths and tracks.

In practice:

  • if a right of way or core path goes through a farmyard, you can follow this at any time
  • if a reasonable, passable alternative route is signposted around the farmyard and buildings, then you should follow this.

In the absence of a right of way, core path or reasonable, signposted route around the farmyard and buildings, you:

  • might be able to go through the farmyard if the farmer is content or if access has been taken on a customary basis in the past; or you
  • could exercise your access rights to go around the farmyard and buildings.

If you do go through a farmyard, proceed safely and carefully, watch out for machinery or livestock, and respect the privacy of those living on the farm.

Responsible behaviour by land managers

The Access Code says:

Many paths and tracks go through farmyards. If there is no right of way or core path through your farmyard, you are encouraged to continue to allow access where this does not interfere unreasonably with your work. You could work with your local authority to signpost the best route through or around your farmyard.

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