Working with commercial dog walkers

Useful information and tips for working with commercial dog walkers.

In 2013, NatureScot ran a series of 6 workshops with commercial dog walkers. The aim of the events was to promote greater awareness of the Scottish Outdoor Access Code and improve understanding and compliance with its messages, benefit land management and other interests and add value to commercial dog walking businesses.

Two publications have resulted from this work:

Commercial Dog Walkers in the Outdoors: Attitudes, Engagement and Opportunities - Project summary, evaluation and recommendations. NatureScot 2015 (42pp)

This report provides a summary of the workshops held and includes data provided by the participants on the nature, type and preferred locations of their activity, along with analysis, comment and conclusions.

Creating positive opportunities to engage with commercial dog walkers. NatureScot (7pp)

This short publication (7 pages) is packed full of useful information and tips for working with commercial dog walkers. It is aimed at staff working in access and national park authorities in Scotland.

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