Grouse shooting

Visiting areas where grouse shooting takes place.

Responsible behaviour by the public

The Access Code says:

The grouse shooting season runs from 12 August to 10 December, with most shoots taking place during the earlier part of the season. You can help to minimise disturbance by being alert to the possibility of shooting on grouse moors and taking account of advice on alternative routes. Avoid crossing land where a shoot is taking place until it is safe to do so.

Further information:

Grouse moors are common on the rounder, heathery hills of the central and eastern Highlands.

Responsible behaviour by land managers

The Access Code says:

Be aware of where recreational use is likely, such as along paths, popular routes and ridge lines. Where appropriate, tell people about where shooting is taking place by using signs and information boards (in accordance with this Code) to give on-the-day information on shoots and alternative routes.

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