Low ground shooting

Visiting areas where low ground shooting takes place.

Responsible behaviour by the public

The Access Code says:

Low ground shooting can take several forms. Pheasant and partridge shooting takes place during the autumn and winter in woods and forests, and on neighbouring land. Wildfowl shooting, such as for ducks, also takes place in the autumn and winter, usually on the foreshore or on land close to water and usually around dawn and dusk. You can help minimise disturbance by being alert to the possibility of shooting taking place in these areas during the autumn and winter and by taking account of advice on alternative routes. Avoid crossing land when shooting is taking place. Avoid game bird rearing pens and keep your dog under close control or on a short lead when close to a pen.

Responsible behaviour by land managers

The Access Code says:

Be aware of where recreational use is likely, such as along paths and other popular routes. Provide as much information as possible on where shooting is likely to take place. You could think carefully about the siting of release pens to minimise opportunities for disturbance, such as away from well-used paths and tracks.

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