Find out why you should leave no trace of your visit to the countryside.

Responsible behaviour by the public

No-one likes seeing litter in the outdoors, whether it's discarded picnic wrappings, food scraps or fruit peel, bottles, cans, broken glass or abandoned tents.

To keep our countryside as we would all wish to find it, set yourself the challenge of leaving no trace of your visit.

The Access Code says:

Take away all your litter. Take particular care not to drop things like bottles, cans or plastic bags as these can damage machinery and if eaten by a farm animal or a wild animal they can cause severe injury or death. Do not leave any food scraps or associated packaging as these might be eaten by animals and help to spread disease.

Responsible behaviour by land managers

The Access Code says:

If you have a litter problem on your land, you could raise this with your local authority or local access forum.

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